About Blue Sky Research

We engineer and manufacture semiconductor laser modules and systems in standard and custom configurations. Our goal is to deliver uncompromising performance at the best possible value.

Our reputation for quality and innovation has remained consistently high throughout our twenty year history. We have deployed over 500,000 lasers and have earned the trust of companies worldwide.

Featured Product

The SpectraTec RGB White Light Laser  source is a compact, highly reliable illumination source that combines 750mW of Red, Green, and Blue (638nm, 520nm, 450nm) laser power into a single multimode fiber.  Unique or custom power and wavelength configurations are also available with  a single mode, PM fiber output. The SpectraTec RGB unit is designed for Medical devices & Life Science Instrumentation where precision, stability and reliability are of critical importance.  Read More >>

Co-Engineered Products

Blue Sky Research can cooperatively work with your staff to develop custom laser products, from simple to complex. We can Co-Engineer turn-key EO-laser systems to fully integrate into your unique OEM application or build a simple fiber-detector system.

We have a talented staff of engineers who are able to discuss the details and trade-offs of prototypes, and custom configurations.  Areas of our Engineering staff’s core strengths include; novel optical devices, electronics and signal processing, lasers, detectors and light sources, fiber coupling lasers into single mode (and PM) fibers and designing/building custom optical components and subsystems.

Products & Services

We design lasers with excellent performance characteristics including power, stability, noise, reliability and beam stability/quality. Laser energy delivery is offered from a single mode or polarization maintaining optical fiber, or via a free space collimated beam.  Our fiber and laser engineering team is highly experienced at meeting your unique design challenges.

We offer a variety of laser module configurations, wavelengths, output powers, customized beam sizes, and integrated electronics.