Blue Sky Research is pleased to announce its Sale to Necsel I.P. Inc. an Ushio Global Photonics Solutions group company

Nescel I.P. Inc., a subsidiary of Ushio America Inc announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire 100% of the assets of Blue Sky Research Corporation, a leading provider of precision Laser Modules and Systems for Medical, bioinstrumentation, metrology and Industrial Markets. The acquisition will allow Nescel I.P. Inc Company to expand its product portfolio and enhance its presence in the Laser and Photonics Markets. The Blue Sky Research Business Unit will continue to operate and manufacture in it’s Milpitas, CA location.   Press Release >>>

Laser Modules & Systems

Blue Sky Research Business Unit has manufactured over 1 million fiber coupled laser modules,Multi-laser systems and laser diode modules since its’ founding in 1989. We have significant expertise in designing Laser modules, single mode fiber-coupling of visible laser diodes, laser diode driver electronics and optical design capabilities.

We offer laser illumination sources, laser models and laser components that are highly robust, miniature, reliable and easily integrated into OEM measurement & instrumentation systems. Our product families include the SpectraTec™ Multi-laser systems or Laser Engines, Fiber Coupled Laser Modules, Laser Diodes Modules: miniature free space laser modules, Fiber Coupled laser modules and multiple laser modules and systems. We feature many visible laser diodes and DPSS lasers including Violet, Red, Green, Blue, and IR .

BSR can provide unique solutions to your custom requirement and application-specific needs.  Blue Sky Research Business Unit is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California.

MiniLase™​ Plus  NEW Product!
Industrial Grade Laser Module

MiniLase Plus laser Module

MiniLase™ Plus is the newest member of MiniLase™ product family from Blue Sky Research.  This compact high-performance laser is designed specifically for operation in demanding environments. The MiniLase™ Plus is ideal for aiming, aligning, and pointing  in a wide range of application, such as industrial equipment, biomedical tools, and machine-vision systems. In this laser module, Blue Sky Research uses proprietary microlens technologies, advanced optics, robust package designs and decades of production experience. The high-performance MiniLase Plus  can provide customized beam profiles for your specific application.
Read the MiniLase™ Plus Data sheet for more details >>

NEW Product Family!
Narrow Linewidth Laser Module

The FiberTec™ SF, Single Frequency Laser Module features one fiber output, stabilized narrow linewidth laser diode in single longitudinal mode (SLM), and ultra-low noise. This module is designed for Raman spectroscopy, interferometry, and many other applications that require extremely low noise. Integrated electronics provide laser diode (LD) drive current, temperature stability, ESD protection, drive current monitor, module shutdown, laser modulation, and LD overdrive protection functions. Circuits are RoHS 3 compliant. Laser output is via a connectorized, 1-meter- long PM single mode fiber (standard offering). Standard FiberTec™ SFTM products wavelength is 638 nm, 785 nm, or 830 nm.​.


Fiber Coupled Lasers

All fiber coupled laser sources and systems provide excellent laser power stability (up to 0.5%), low noise (< 0.5% RMS), high reliability and excellent laser beam profile and stability. We offer single wavelength, Multi-laser systems and Laser Engines with up to 4 lasers.  Laser energy delivery is offered via a single mode, multi-mode or polarization maintaining optical fiber. Collimation and active laser feedback options are available.  A summary of our Fiber Coupled Laser Modules and components is detailed in the Brochure below.

Standard and custom laser module configurations are available, and include; multiple wavelengths systems, single wavelength components, various output powers, customized beam sizes, and integrated electronics solutions to optimize your manufacturing processes.

Co-Engineered Products

Our talented staff of engineers are ready to discuss the details and trade-offs of prototypes, and custom configurations with you.  Because of our experience in cooperatively engineering  products and modules with our customers, we have developed significant technical depth in optical system design, coupling lasers into single mode fibers, designing laser driver circuits, and low cost volume manufacturing.