Laser Modules & Systems

Blue Sky Research has manufactured over 1 million laser diode modules and fiber coupled laser diode modules  since its’ founding in 1989. As a result, we’ve developed significant expertise in single mode fiber-coupling of visible laser diodes, laser diode driver electronics and optical design capabilities. We offer laser sources that are highly robust, miniature, reliable and easily integrated into OEM measurement & instrumentation systems. Our product families include; red, green, blue, violet, and IR fiber coupled laser sources, laser diode modules, and fiber optic based laser components.

BSR can provide unique solutions to your custom requirement and application-specific needs.  Blue Sky Research is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California.

Multi-Laser Illumination Source

The SpectraTec RGB White Light Laser  source is a compact, highly reliable fiber coupled laser illumination source that combines 750mW of Red, Green, and Blue (638nm, 520nm, 450nm) laser power into a single multimode fiber.  Unique or custom power and wavelength configurations are also available with  a single mode, PM fiber output. The SpectraTec RGB unit is designed for Medical devices & Life Science Instrumentation where precision, stability and reliability are of critical importance.  Read More >>

Fiber Coupled Lasers

All fiber coupled laser sources and systems provide excellent laser power stability (up to 0.5%), low noise (< 0.5% RMS), high reliability and excellent laser beam profile and stability. We offer single wavelength, Multi-laser modules and Laser Engines with up to 4 lasers.  Laser energy delivery is offered via a single mode, multi-mode or polarization maintaining optical fiber. Collimation and active laser feedback options are available.  A summary of our Fiber Coupled Laser Modules and components is linked below.

Standard and custom laser module configurations are available, and include; multiple wavelengths systems, single wavelength components, various output powers, customized beam sizes, and integrated electronics solutions to optimize your manufacturing processes.

Co-Engineered Products

Blue Sky Research can cooperatively work with your staff to develop custom laser products, from simple to complex. With this in mind, we also can Co-Engineer EO-laser systems which fully integrate into your OEM application. In addition, we have the expertise to design and build complementary detector system modules for your OEM applications.

We have a talented staff of engineers who are able to discuss the details and trade-offs of prototypes, and custom configurations.  Areas of our Engineering staff’s core competencies include; novel optical devices, electronics and signal processing, lasers, detectors and light sources. In addition, our Engineering team is recognized globally for their expertise in fiber-coupling lasers into single mode (and PM or multimode) fibers and designing/building custom optical components and subsystems.