MiniLase Plus

Industrial Grade Laser Module


MiniLase Plus laser Module

MiniLase Plus is the newest member of MiniLase product family from Blue Sky Research.  This compact high-performance laser is designed specifically for operation in demanding environments. The MiniLase Plus is ideal for aiming, aligning, and pointing  in a wide range of application, such as industrial equipment, biomedical tools, and machine-vision systems. In this laser module, Blue Sky Research uses proprietary microlens technologies, advanced optics, robust package designs and decades of production experience. The high-performance MiniLase Plus  can provide customized beam profiles for your specific application.

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Fiber Coupled Lasers and Systems

Our fiber coupled laser sources and modules use direct fiber-to-laser (DFTL) technology to efficiently couple laser power into a single mode fiber. Regardless the temperature fluctuations or operating environment, DFTL coupling provides a permanent laser-to-fiber alignment which never needs optimization.  The end result is a fiber coupled laser module that is ideal for price sensitive applications where optical stability and performance is critical. Our fiber coupled laser modules and systems are offered with optional laser collimation optics attached to the output fiber, allowing simple Integration into OEM systems. Laser Wavelengths range from; Violet (405nm), Blue (488nm), Red (680nm) through NIR (980nm).   Read More details about our fiber coupled laser sources, modules and components >>

Laser Diode Modules

The ChromaLase IITM  is our stand alone laser module with integrated laser diode driver electronics, control and protection circuitry.  The compact, single wavelength, laser source features a wide variety of wavelength and power options including; Blue laser (488nm), Green Laser (532nm), or a Red Laser (635nm) sources. Each semiconductor laser diode module is ordered with or without Blue Sky’s patented µLens correction optics. Systems with µLens will have near perfect Gaussian and circular beam shapes and corrected laser diode wave front distortions.  Read more about the ChromaLase performance specifications >>

Laser Modules and Components

Blue Sky Research has designed several families of laser components which offer superior beam qualities in a compact package for OEM applications. VPSL (virtual point source) lasers are improved semiconductor lasers with superior beam characteristics, the MiniLase and MiniLase Plus products combine Blue Sky Research’s VPS lasers with high quality optics, solid packages and laser drive electronics. The circular, diffraction-limited Gaussian beam from MiniLase products can be collimated or focused at the chosen distance for easy system integration.  The FiberMax family allows customers’ access to our telecom quality single mode fiber coupled laser diodes, a variety of wavelengths and powers are available.  Read More about the FiberMax family of OEM components >>

Engineered Products & Prototyping

Blue Sky Research has fostered an innovative approach to working with hundreds of suppliers and technologies in the photonics industry. Researchers and engineers working on unique projects or ones that require non-standard specifications and control systems are encouraged to contact Blue Sky Research.  We have a talented staff of engineers who are able to discuss the details and trade-offs of prototypes, and custom configurations.  Read More about how we can cooperatively work with you on your specific product needs>>