FiberMax –

Fiber Coupled Laser Diodes

  • Pigtailed laser diode
  • Single mode and PM fiber
  • Robust telecom style package
  • Never needs alignment
  • Wavelength from 405 -980nm

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FiberTec –

Fiber Coupled Lasers

  • Fiber Coupled Laser
  • Integrated electronics
  • Wavelength from 405 to 980nm
  • Single or PM fiber
  • Collimation or Output optics


SpectraTec –

Multi-Laser Systems

Multi-Laser Module

Fiber Coupled Lasers and Systems

Fiber Coupled Laser Products

Fiber Coupled laser products use a direct laser coupling system which efficiently couples a lasers power into an optical fiber and ensures the system never needs alignment through the products lifetime. Enhanced performance and reliability testing ensures exceptional product performance. System level products integrate temperature controlled lasers with individual driving, control and stability electronics.

We offer a variety of fiber coupled semiconductor lasers and systems with excellent performance characteristics which include power stability, low noise, high reliability and excellent beam stability/quality. Laser energy delivery is offered from a single mode, multi-mode or polarization maintaining optical fiber with optional relay optics which can be customized to your optical system requirements.