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Ushio’s high-power 700nm laser diode is awarded top prize

Tokyo, Japan – July 3rd, 2023 –

Ushio Inc. (Head Office: Tokyo; President and CEO: Koji Naito; hereinafter “Ushio”) is pleased to announce that it has won the top prize in the Quantum Technology category of the Innovation Award 2023 organized by LASER World of PHOTONICS for its high-power 700nm band laser diode (LD).

Press Release >>>


FiberTec™LN532 Laser System
 532nm Low Noise Fiber Coupled DPSS Laser Module


MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA – June 10th, 2023 –

The Blue Sky Research (BSR) Business Unit of Necsel I.P. Inc, a provider of Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode & DPSS Laser Modules/Systems has launched its newest product, the FiberTec™ LN532. This high performance 532nm fiber-coupled DPSS laser system with cutting-edge technology is designed for high-precision applications such as laser imaging, Microscopy, Bio-Florescence, and other scientific, industrial, and medical instrumentation uses.

FiberTec™ LN532 Data Sheet >>>


FiberTec™LN Press Release >>>


 NECSEL Acquires Blue Sky Research

MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA – April 3rd, 2023 – Necsel Intellectual Property, Inc. (“Necsel”), a leading laser and laser solutions company, has acquired effectively all of the assets of Blue Sky Research Inc. (BSR), a leading manufacturer of precision laser components and modules used worldwide in medical, ophthalmology, bio- instrumentation, metrology and industrial markets.

BSR – NECEL Press Release >>>


 FiberTec™SF Laser System
 Spectral Feedback Technology for Narrow Linewidth Applications

Blue Sky Research, a provider of laser solutions, has launched its newest product line: the FiberTec™SF. This cutting-edge fiber-coupled laser system is specifically designed for high-precision, narrow laser linewidth applications, such as Raman spectroscopy, as well as other scientific, industrial, and medical uses.

FiberTec™SF Data Sheet >>>

FiberTec™Single Frequency Laser System Press Release >>>

Blue Sky Research, a volume manufacturer of laser diode systems and OEM components, today announced the company is accepting orders for its newest family of Fiber Coupled Laser Modules, the FiberTec™ SLED.  The FiberTec™SLED system is a miniature stand alone assembly with integrated SLED(superluminescent light emitting diode), control-modulation electronics, low heat dissipation (no heat sink required), and long term-semiconductor  reliability. FiberTec™ SLED laser Module Press Release >>>

SpectraTec™​II, a dual source, polarized laser module is being launched into volume production.  Each system integrates a precision feedback system that allows polarization maintaining fiber to be used with better than 0.5% power stability at the exit end of fiber.  Long-term precision & power stability are achieved via an integrated assembly of all fiber technology, precision power monitors and a low noise electrical feedback control loop. SpectraTec™ II fiber coupled laser module press release >>>

Blue Sky Research is accepting orders for its visible wavelength, fiber pigtailed Optical Isolator.   The isolator product series is designed for isolating visible lasers such as 638nm laser diodes from reflected light that may otherwise encourage instability in the source laser or under certain circumstances may even induce damage to the laser itself.  The PSFI Isolator product is presently tuned for light in the wavelength range of 635nm up to 670nm, however it can be optimized to meet any application inside the visible spectra. OptoIsolator Laser component Press Release >>

Blue Sky research is accepting orders for the FiberTec™FFC (Fiber Feedback Collimator), a fiber coupled laser system which uses a precision feedback system to obtain 0.5% power stability at the exit end of the collimator while maintaining a polarization of 100:1. Fiber Coupled Laser Module Collimator Data Sheet>>

Blue Sky Research Introduces Chromalase™488nm 50mW Semiconductor Laser Module. The ChromaLase™ 488 system features excellent beam quality, direct modulation capability, long term semiconductor reliability, and adjustable power level control, all in a compact, stand alone assembly. Laser Diode Module Press Release >>