Engineered Products and Prototypes

  • Laser & optical design and fabrication services
  • Customize relay & launch optics to specific applications
  • Telecom quality components and QA processes
  • Single mode PM and non-PM fiber solutions
  • Electronics and firmware design services

From our engineering staff to our fully customizable line of products, Blue Sky Research is your solution for your custom requirements and prototypes.  Blue Sky Research can develop a laser diode product or system to fully integrate into your application.

For 20 years, Blue Sky Research has fostered an innovative approach to working with hundreds of suppliers and technologies in the photonics industry.  Researchers and engineers working on unique projects or ones that require non-standard specifications and control systems are encouraged to contact Blue Sky Research.  We have a talented staff of engineers who are able to discuss the details and trade-offs of prototypes, and custom configurations.  Areas of our Engineering staff’s core strengths include; novel optical devices, electronics and signal processing, lasers and light sources, fiber coupling lasers into single mode (and PM) fibers and designing/building custom optical components and subsystems.