Fiber Coupled Laser Components


Blue Sky Research is a world leading expert in precision fiber coupling and micro-optic beam adaptation of laser diodes, including red, green, blue, violet, and IR laser systems, and OEM laser components.

FiberMax® OEM laser components use a direct laser coupling system which efficiently couples a lasers power into an optical fiber and ensures the system never needs alignment through the products lifetime.  A variety of wavelengths, power and performance configurations are offered and include; single mode, polarization maintaining single mode and multimode fiber pigtails.    All FiberMax® products can be mass produced in OEM volumes and delivered to meet your production timing and inventory requirements. Please ask us about specialized fiber or laser options you require.



Fiber Coupled Blue Lasers

Wavelength Power (mW) Specifications (pdfs)
405nm 50mW Contact BSR Sales
450nm 40mW Contact BSR Sales
473nm 40mW Contact BSR Sales
488nm 50mW Contact BSR Sales


Fiber Coupled Green Lasers

Wavelength Power (mW) Specifications (pdfs)             
520nm 50mW FiberMax®​520 data sheet            
532nm 25mW FiberMax®532 data sheet            


Fiber Coupled Red Lasers


Wavelength Power (mW) Specifications (pdfs)
635nm 1, 5, 20 FiberMax®​635-a data sheet
635nm 60, 80 FiberMax635-b data sheet
658nm 2, 5, 20, 80 FiberMax®658 data sheet
690nm 20, 30 Contact BSR Sales
705nm 5, 10, 50 Contact BSR Sales


Fiber Coupled NIR Lasers

Wavelength Power (mW) Specifications (pdfs)
740nm 30 Contact BSR Sales
785nm 5, 10, 50 FiberMax®​785 datasheet
808nm 100 Contact BSR Sales
830nm 25, 100 FiberMax®830 data sheet
850nm 100 Contact BSR Sales
905nm 50 Contact BSR Sales
980nm 100 Contact BSR Sales