Laser Diode Systems

  • Visible and infra-red wavelengths
  • Optical Noise <0.5% (RMS)
  • Beam Pointing Stability <10urad/C
  • Integrated drive, stability and control electronics
  • Configurable launch optics simplify OEM integration
  • Chromalase™ data sheet


The Chromalase™ family of laser modules is Blue Sky’s second generation of high performance laser modules. They have been optimized to meet the demanding performance requirements of medical, life sciences and automated instrumentation. The Chromalase™ product family incorporates highly integrated sophisticated electronics for laser drive and protection, modulation and feedback functions.  This ultra compact stand alone assembly is RoHs compliant and can be ordered with a variety of collimation optics which allows easy integration into your system.  A wide variety of wavelength and power options are available including the very popular 405nm, 488nm, 532nm and 635nm products.

Our design incorporates standardized control and alarm Firmware, protection circuitry and low noise operation into a compact, stand alone assembly.  Everything you need to operate this laser from a simple 12volt DC supply is integrated in the laser module. The laser is temperature stabilized with a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) and the integrated controller includes; laser driver, output power stabilization, adjustable power level control, modulation capability, reverse and over voltage protection, and ESD-fast transient suppression circuitry.

Each semiconductor laser diode system can be  ordered with or without Blue Sky’s patented µLens or micro-optic beam correction optics. Systems with µLens will have near perfect Gaussian and circular beam shapes and corrected laser diode wave front distortions.

Laser systems without the micro-optic beam correction have all the advantages of our small, highly integrated packaging while retaining the standard elliptical shape (typical 3:1 aspect ratio) of semiconductor lasers.

Some of the performance specifications are given below, for complete product specifications, please see our Chromalase™ data sheet.


  • Diffraction Limited Performance
  • Solid State Reliability
  • Optical Noise <0.5% (RMS)
  • Beam Pointing Stability <10urad/C
  • Power Stability < 0.5% (2 hrs)
  • Micro-optics