Technology Overview

The µLens™

Standard laser diodes have asymmetric aspect ratios between their fast and slow axis of propagation, often this ratio is as much as 3:1.  Twenty years ago Blue Sky Research patented a unique technical solution to overcome diode lasers inherent limitation.  By precisely inserting a micron sized lens very close to the laser diode, the beam aspects and aberrations can be corrected.

Each micro lens is actually custom formed, ground, polished and drawn into a specific size and shape which is designed to optimize the performance of a particular semiconductor laser.   Read More about our µlens technology >>

Laser Modules & Components

VPSL™, Virtual Point Source Lasers

Blue Sky Research’s µlens™ technology was developed to correct the circularity and astigmatism of a laser diode beam. A laser diode with an integrated  microlens, acts as virtual point source (VPS) and the beam behaves like it was emitted from the virtual point source with divergence angle q. All the aberrations are corrected and the beam has circular beam profile. Our VPSL™ data sheets give a complete listing or all wavelengths, manufacturers and available output powers.

FiberMax®, Fiber Coupled Lasers Diodes

FiberMax® pigtailed modules combine our patented µlens™ or CircuLaser™ technology and our proprietary packaging with a single mode fiber.  The resultant laser power coupled into the single mode optical fiber is the best in the industry, delivering up to twice the output power and brightness of comparable products. Our FiberMax® data sheet details technical performance, wavelengths and output power.

MiniLase™​, Miniature OEM Laser Modules

The MiniLase™ Family of lasers combine Blue Sky Research’s VPSL™ (virtual point source laser) with high quality optics, solid packages and laser drive electronics. The circular, diffraction-limited Gaussian beam from MiniLase™ products can be; collimated, focused or the beam waist placed at a chosen distance.  The built-in automatic power stabilization (APC) function provides high stability and low noise at the same time. We offer many standard products as well as customizing designs to meet your specific mechanical, electrical or optical requirements.  Read More about our MiniLase™ products>>

MiniLase™​ Plus, Industrial Laser Modules

The MiniLase™ Plus is an Industrial performance laser module with a P67 rated housing, diffraction limited beam, and integrated power, control, and protection circuitry. Available wavelengths include 404nm to 980nm. Options include collimated, shaped or focused beam optics, and multiple wiring & electrical connector options. MiniLase™ Plus data sheet   Read our MiniLase™ Plus Data Sheet >>