Miniature OEM Laser modules

  • Visible thru infra-red wavelengths
  • Power  Stability (short term) <1% at 25C
  • Collimation/focusing optics simplify OEM integration
  • MiniLase™ data sheet

The MiniLase™​ Family of lasers from Blue Sky Research has been designed to offer superior beam qualities in a compact package for OEM applications. The MiniLase™ products combine Blue Sky Research’s VPSL™ (virtual point source laser) with high quality optics, solid packages and laser drive electronics. The MiniLase™ is offered with either a conventional, elliptical laser diode beam or a circular, diffraction-limited gaussian beam profile. A variety of wavelength, power and performance configurations are available, including; collimated, shaped or focused beams, laser drive electronics, built-in automatic power stabilization (APC) functions, and multiple wiring & connector options.  All OEM solutions can be mass produced and delivered to meet your production timing and inventory requirements.

MiniLase™ products typically utilize our microlens technology to gain distinct performance advantages over traditional LD based modules. Starting from a regular laser diode with elliptical beam, the µlens™ technology creates a virtual point source (VPS) with a gaussian-circular beam divergence. A high-quality doublet or aspherical lens is then used to collimate or focus the beam, which maintains diffraction-limited quality. A good Gaussian profile (M2 < 1.3) and low wavefront aberrations enable the beam from the MiniLase™ to be collimated better or be focused into a smaller, more well-defined point. In addition the beam waist depth of focus is increased, minimizing systematic optical tolerances and enabling superior optical performance.