Direct Laser Coupling

Blue Sky Research’s FiberMax, is a direct laser coupled system which efficiently couples laser power into a single mode fiber via a cost effective and highly repeatable process.  Direct fiber-to-laser coupling is stable in alignment, permanent and enables compact laser module designs which are practical for high-volume, price sensitive applications. Single mode polarization maintaining fiber is available.   Mechanical and thermal stabilty of direct fiber-to-laser assemblies have met Military and Telecommunications standards for long term reliability and stability, i.e. Telecordia 468-CORE and MIL-STD-883.

Direct Fiber-to-Laser Coupling

  • Meets – Telcordia 468-CORE
  • Stabile Power- short/long term
  • Meets MIL-883 shock & vibration
  • No misalignment w/environment
  • Efficient laser power coupling

Fiber Coupled Lasers and Systems

FiberMax, Fiber Coupled Lasers Diodes

FiberMax™ pigtailed modules combine our patented micro-lens or CircuLaser™ technology and our proprietary packaging with a single mode fiber.  The resultant laser power coupled into the single mode optical fiber is the best in the industry, delivering up to twice the output power and brightness of comparable products. Our FiberMax data sheet details technical performance, wavelengths and output power.         Read More >>

Fiber Coupled Lasers

The FiberTec II Series is Blue Sky’s second generation of high performance, fiber-coupled laser modules. They have been optimized to meet the demanding performance requirements of applications that include; medical, life sciences and automated instrumentation.

The FiberTec II product family incorporates highly integrated, sophisticated electronics for laser drive, protection, modulation and module control functions. This ultra compact stand alone assembly is RoHS compliant and can be ordered with a variety of collimation optics which allow easy integration into your system. A wide variety of laser sources and wavelength-power options are available including the FiberTec II SLED series covering the visable to near-infrared wavelengths and FiberTec II laser diode modules which include;405nm, 488nm, 532nm and 635nm wavelength products.  Read More >>

SpectraTec, Polarized Multi-Laser Sources

The SpectraTec Product Line, consists of two, three and four channel polarized multi-laser source modules. These are the first laser source modules to use all fiber technology for combining multiple lasers and simultaneously maintaining polarization.  Designed for Life Science Instrumenation where precision, stability and reliability are of critical importance; all SpectraTec sources provide a stable laser-based illumination source which never needs alignment. Laser wavelengths available include; Violet, Blue, Green, Red, and IR (405nm to 980m).

Unique to the industry – SpectraTec’s all passive fiber optic design maintains polarization, is thermally and mechanically stable, and is ultra compact, The SpectraTec Series of Multi-channel lasers are RoHS Compliant.  Read More on SpectraTec II, or 3 & 4 channel SpectraTec X laser modules here >>>