Fiber Pigtailed lasers

The FiberMax family of direct coupled, fiber pigtailed laser diodes from Blue Sky Research are designed to offer superior beam quality and exceptionally stabile laser power, in a compact OEM package. FiberMax™ products combine a laser diode typically integrating Blue Sky’s beam circularization technology, and a single mode, single mode polarization maintaining or multimode fiber pigtail into a miniature opto-mechanical package. The FiberMax’s power coupling  is actively optimized and fixed  in the factory, and FiberMax power is stable over the products lifetime, no field re-alignment is ever required. The FiberMax family offers a variety of wavelengths, power and performance configurations to choose from and single mode, polarization maintaining single mode and multimode fiber pigtails are available.    All FiberMax products can be mass produced in OEM volumes and delivered to meet your production timing and inventory requirements. Please ask us about specialized fiber or laser options you require.


Wavelength Power (mW) Specifications (pdfs)
520nm 40mW FiberMax520 data sheet
532nm 25mW FiberMax532 data sheet
635nm 1, 5, 20 FiberMax635-a data sheet
635nm 60, 80 FiberMax635-b data sheet
658nm 2, 5, 20, 80 FiberMax658 data sheet
690nm 20, 30 FiberMax690 data sheet
785nm 5, 10, 50 FiberMax785 datasheet
808nm 50 FiberMax808 data sheet
830nm 25, 100 FiberMax830 data sheet
905nm 5 FiberMax905 data sheet
980nm 25 FiberMax980 data sheet